Hey there. I'm Tyson.

I'm a designer and writer based in Calgary.

What is now?

Inspired by Derek Sivers' Nownownow.

I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, where work as a designer and strategist for ATB Financial. I describe myself as a persistently-discontent creative, and I often feel restless and unfulfilled unless I'm making something.

I'm a lifelong learner. I am obsessed with the concept of acquiring knowledge, and spend a great deal of time dabbling in new hobbies.

I read a lot. Non-fiction is pretty much anything, fiction is almost entirely fantasy/science fiction. I recently completed Peter V. Brett's The Warded Man series.

I spend a good amount of time playing the guitar. I also occasionally write and produce music.

What's next?

Continue to work on redacted and launch before the new year.

I want to reduce the amount of time spent sedentary. (The pandemic has been brutal!)

Make time for personal wellness. Health is an easy thing to take for granted until you no longer have it.

Last updated: 10/31/20